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Whether you just moved to El Dorado and need to hook up basic utilities or want to look into getting high-speed internet, this is your one-click-stop for access to residential services in the area. Find out the phone numbers to call or websites to visit to get what you need up and running.

El Dorado Utilities


El Dorado Water Utilities serves approximately 10,000 customers in El Dorado and the surrounding area. It is a city-owned enterprise which is funded by customer rates and not by tax dollars. El Dorado Water Utilities has an excess capacity of 3,000,000 gallons per day for both water and sewer.  Click here to view water and sewer rates for 2022. Contact the El Dorado Water Utilities at 870-862-6451.

Union County has an abundance of industrial water through the Ouachita River Alternative Water Supply Project. The county has an available industrial water capacity of 13,000,000 gallons per day, expandable to 19,000,000 gallons per day. The current cost of industrial water is $.69 per 1000 gallons calculated annually based on actual cost to produce water. The underground Sparta aquifer provides an abundant, reliable source of potable water for drinking and limited commercial use. Visit the Union County Water Conservation Board’s website for additional information.

Natural Gas

Summit Utilities is honored to be the natural gas energy provider to 525,000 families and businesses throughout Arkansas, Oklahoma, and the Texarkana, Texas area. In those three states, we operate 17,000 miles of gas main pipeline with the goal of providing safe, clean, and reliable natural gas to our service areas through exceptional customer care and an unwavering commitment to community.


Entergy Arkansas has served Arkansas customers for 100 years and serves approximately 700,000 customers in over 60 Arkansas counties. Phone: 800-368-3749


Internet, phone, and cable providers in El Dorado and Union County are:

Optimum   Phone: 870-862-1306

AT&T   Phone: 800-464-7928

Verizon   Phone: 870-690-0057