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Historic Districts

One thing we love as much as great entertainment is our history. With such a rich past, it just makes sense that we define our historical commercial and residential districts and review improvements within the boundaries. Our commitment to preservation and revitalization won El Dorado recognition from the National Trust for Historic Preservation as one of the Great American Main Streets in America.

History and Arts Districts Demarcated

As we celebrate our past, we revel in the expansion of a newly developed arts & entertainment district. The City of El Dorado created an area in downtown where people can buy beverages from establishments within the district and carry them down the street and into other stores and restaurants.

Our dedication to history and entertainment doesn’t end at the district’s boundaries. A large collection of local artifacts and memorabilia resides at the South Arkansas Historical Preservation Society facilities as well as the Arkansas Museum of Natural Resources near Smackover.

El Dorado Commercial Historic District

The El Dorado Commercial Historic District

The El Dorado Commercial Historic District is composed of 68 brick and masonry early 20th Century buildings and one monument. Although 17 of the buildings were constructed prior to 1920, the overwhelming appearance of the district derives from the 36 buildings constructed in the 1920s, the period during which El Dorado experienced a surge in population as a result of the discovery of oil nearby.

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Mahony Historic District El Dorado

The Mahony Residential Historic District

The Mahony Historic District is a residential area located north of the downtown commercial district in El Dorado, Arkansas. The composition and usage of the neighborhood is residential and it contains one church and one funerary business, housed in a former residence.

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Murphy Hill Historic District El Dorado

The Murphy-Hill Residential Historic District

Located immediately north of the central business district and Union County Courthouse, the Murphy-Hill Historic District comprises one of the oldest residential areas in the city of El Dorado, Arkansas.

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Historic District Commission

Learn more about the El Dorado Historic District Commissioners, the Historic Preservation Plan, Preserve America, plus much more at the button below.

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