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Bank Pool Tournament @ Hot Shots

January 28, 2023 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


January 28th Hotshots will be hosting a
Bank Pool Challenge where after the break every ball pocketed has to be banked.
Limited to 8 players, $35.00 entry + table fee, a full field pays $200 1st, 2nd $80 and Hotshots has a $35 gift card for 3rd.
To prepay and reserve your spot see the bartender or call Steve for entry & details 870-918-1040
Practice for players will start at noon
Enter now or come watch the Challenge
Bank Pool Rules
Adopted from The Derby City Classic rules
Lag for Opening Break
Winner of the lag decides who breaks first. A coin toss is acceptable if both players agree.
In no particular order nine balls are racked in the diamond pattern with the head ball on the spot.
The Break
Winner of the previous game decides who breaks next.
Legal Break
A legal break requires the player to strike the head ball and drive at least one object ball past the side pockets. If your break is illegal the opponent can either accept the table position or require you to break again.
Illegal Shots
On any shot the cue ball must contact at least one object ball and then any ball thereafter must contact a rail otherwise it is a foul and the shooter will owe a ball.
Calling a Bank
The shooter must call the intended ball, pocket and if multiple rails call the number of rails before taking the shot. Short rails do not count.
Illegally Pocketed Balls
A ball is illegally pocketed if it; goes into other than the called pocket; contacts other than the number of rails called; caroms off any other ball while being pocketed; double kiss the cue ball. All illegally pocketed balls and object balls knocked off the table are spotted neither of which is a foul.
Kick Shots
No other than a three-rail kick shot is allowed however the no contact and no rail foul applies.
Scratch or Foul
Any scratch or foul results in loss of a ball from the shooters count. If you have no balls to spot you “owe” a ball and you must spot what you owe at the end of your next inning in which you have balls available. The incoming player has ball in hand behind the head string after a scratch or cue ball off the table foul. The cue ball stays in position for other fouls not specifically addressed in these rules. If a scratch or foul is “slept/forgotten” and subsequently remembered, the owed ball or balls are spotted after each player has shot once.
All Balls are behind the head string with ball in hand
Should this occur, the object ball closest to the head string is spotted. If two or more are the same distance from the head string the shooter will decide which to spot.
Calling a Referee
Either player can call for a Referee or Objective Observer if needed to oversee a shot or other. The decision of that person is final.
Winning the game
The first player who legally pockets five (5) balls wins the game.


January 28, 2023
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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Hot Shots
601 S Timberlane
El Dorado, AR 71730 United States
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