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Everything Home brings one-stop build and design

Posted on April 30, 2019

El Dorado residents will no longer need to travel to larger cities to create their dream homes thanks to the one-stop construction and design shop Everything Home, envisioned by local entrepreneurs Shellie and Bill Webb.

“We will provide the design work – interior, exterior; we can provide all the licensed and bonded contractors, from plumbing to electrical, roofers, installers,” owner Shellie Webb said. “We can do it all.”

Shellie Webb started her career as a homemaker, stay-at-home mother and antique collector, though she began contributing design ideas to her husband Bill Webb’s construction and design company long before Everything Home was conceptualized.

“Junking is kind of like my therapy — and re-purposing furniture,” she said. “I wanted to incorporate a lot of the old with the modern, with the new.”

Bill Webb’s construction company, Webb Remodeling and Design, started out as a personal project 13 years ago, when he and Shellie built their first home, a log cabin-style residence. He found his friends and acquaintances asking for bids or assistance on their own renovation and construction projects.

“[Construction] was kind of like his therapy, and so once he did that – he did it on the side – then people started coming to him … and it ended up turning into a full time business,” she said.

Everything Home held its grand opening yesterday, with about 250 shoppers visiting by lunch time. Inside, one could find reclaimed and salvaged signage, modern glassware, fanciful containers and other home décor.

In a side room, the store has a display of different types of flooring. Shellie Webb said her goal for the business is to make a local store that can meet all the construction and design needs one might have for a new home or remodel.

“We have Webb Remodeling and Design right now, which, we do a lot of remodels for it, and I was doing a lot of the design work for it as well, so we decided why not open a store where somebody can come – it would be a one stop place – if they have a new construction, a remodel, or whatever, and they can get everything in this one location,” Shellie Webb said.

Shellie’s personal aesthetic tends toward the modern farmhouse; however, she said she enjoys working on any type of interior design, from mid-modern to classic country homes and beyond.

She emphasized the business’ local draw; in addition to her design skills, Everything Home will also offer hardware, planning and contracting bids for home projects that go beyond re-decorating. One can soon expect to see plumbing fixtures and hardware, lighting fixtures and other essential home items for sale there, she said.

Bill is currently pursuing his general contractor’s license, and Shellie said she expects him to have completed the certification in a few weeks.

Within the next year, Shellie said she hopes to see Everything Home move to a bigger location. In their current storefront, at 1001 N. College, construction workers could be seen preparing a showroom in one wing of the store. She said she plans to have bathroom and kitchen displays customers can use as a baseline for their own home projects.

“Our goal is to have this back set up as a showroom … so it’ll give people the visual. We hope that within the next year we’ll grow out of this space…where we can combine everything into one location,” Shellie said.

The Webbs currently split their stock between Everything Home and two warehouses where Bill’s construction equipment and hardware resides.

Eventually the Webbs intend to have a one-stop shop for all home design and construction needs and services, including flooring, plumbing, roofing and other needs; they can already perform the services, they just need a larger location.

“Where you get that personal feel, sort of like a little mom and pop place. There’s not anything like ours in town at all.”

As the company grows, she said they plan to stay localized, including by hiring local. The couple plans to expand online as well.

To learn more about Everything Home, visit The store is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon.

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