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HealthWorks to host Senior Health and Fitness Day

Posted on May 24, 2019

HealthWorks Fitness Center will host a Senior Health and Fitness Day next week, showcasing some of their classes geared towards seniors in an all-morning event.

“[We want to have] fun and socialization for the seniors, and a place to meet up and see people they don’t normally get to see, and dance and play games,” said Terry Clark, wellness/fitness director at HealthWorks.

The day will start with a light breakfast served in the HealthWorks lobby, courtesy of the gym’s JuiceBar Deli. Clark said breakfast will consist of light items like muffins, coffee and fruit.

Class demonstrations will begin afterwards, starting with Drums Alive at 9:30. In that class, participants use drumsticks and exercise balls to practice brain reaction time and cardio.

“[We’ve got] a brand new routine with new songs,” Clark noted. “We exercise to the beat of the music.”

After that, attendees will get a taste of HealthWorks’ Senior Strength and Chair Yoga class. That class focuses on strengthening and stretching muscles, with participants using a chair and dumbbells to gain strength and a chair and their body weight in the yoga portion.

“It’s pretty tough. We don’t namby pamby around with the seniors,” Clark said. “We make you work. We’re going to see some improvement if at all possible.”

If one prefers lower impact activity, a Water in Motion demonstration will be taking place simultaneously. Clark said in that class, participants can strengthen their muscles by moving through the water.

After that, those in attendance may either watch or participate in a performance from the Silver Kickers. The Silver Kickers is a linedancing group that was formed several years ago at Champagnolle Landing Senior Wellness Center; they hold monthly community performances, often for other seniors.

Lunch will be served following the performance. Dr. Anthony M. Abraham will be a guest speaker at the event. Abraham is the newest practicing surgeon at the Medical Center of South Arkansas.

“And then we’ll have bingo, probably starting about 12:00 [p.m.], with door prizes,” Clark added.

Senior Health and Fitness Day is held at HealthWorks in conjunction with First Financial Bank, the University of Arkansas South Arkansas Center on Aging, South Arkansas Community College and MCSA.

Those who wish to attend Senior Health and Fitness Day must reserve a spot in advance of the event. There are a limited number of spots available. The event is free for participants, and one does not have to be a member of HealthWorks to attend.

The day’s events will not be restricted by age, though most of the classes that will be demonstrated are geared toward those ages 50 plus.

“As we get older and the birthday candles start piling up, our muscles start to deteriorate … if we don’t continue to strengthen them,” Clark said. “So if we don’t end up doing strength training, higher intensity cardiovascular training and also just getting out and walking, staying active, then your body will turn into one big mess of chronic disease.”

Clark said fitness training can also help to prevent neurological conditions, like Alzheimer’s. She said she hopes to see all in attendance next week participating in the various class demonstrations.

To reserve a spot at Senior Health and Fitness Day, contact the UAMS South Arkansas Center on Aging at 870-881-8969. The event will be held at HealthWorks on May 30 from 9 a.m. until about 1 p.m.

Caitlan Butler can be reached at 870-862-6611 or