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Norphlet Citizen of the Year

Posted on November 30, 2016

NORPHLET — Ronnie Reynolds was named Norphlet’s Citizen of the Year at the city’s annual tree lighting ceremony on Monday.

Reynolds, who is also the city’s water superintendent, said he that was completely surprised when he was called forward for the Citizen of the Year award.

“This makes me feel so proud. I really like it. It makes me feel like the people of my town like me, or maybe even love me,” he said. “I went to last month’s business meeting and I knew they asked for everyone to leave to discuss it. Little did I know that they would be considering me,” Reynolds said on Tuesday.

The water superintendent was nominated by the Norphlet City Council. The award goes to someone who helps to improve and maintain the city, volunteers their time to the residents and help where they’re needed, Alderman Jimmy Watts said.

Norphlet Mayor Jim Crotty said, “Ronnie is one of the most dedicated men in Norphlet. He cares for Norphlet and its residents. He is an exceptional man who is dedicated to his job and his town.”

Reynolds has been Norphlet’s water superintendent for over 35 years. Reynolds can also be seen walking around the town picking up litter and stopping to help anyone in need.

“If you need help at a game, he’s there. If you need him to help at a cook out, he’s there. All you have to do is ask, and he’s the kind of man that says, ‘Yes, I can help you with that,” Watts said.

Norphet’s citizen of the year said that his favorite memory from the ceremony, aside from winning the award, was being around family and watching his nine-year-old grandson, Brady Reynolds, and fouryear-old great-granddaughter, Morgan Hanson, enjoy songs from the carolers.

Reynolds has been a resident of Norphlet since he graduated from Camden Fairview High School in 1968 when he moved in with an aunt and uncle that lived in the town.

“Well, that’s besides the two years I gave Uncle Sam overseas,” he said.

The water superintendent is an Army veteran who served a year in Vietnam, followed by a year in Germany. After his time in the service, Reynolds came home, married and raised three sons in Norphlet. His children and even some of his grandchildren attended Norphlet School District.

Reynolds received a plaque from the city and was given the honor of throwing the switch that turned on the town’s Christmas lights during Monday’s lighting ceremony.

“I live with some truly nice people,” he said. “There is something about living in a small town, big cities can’t even compare. The way small town people show their appreciation, and how much they like to be together like at the Christmas tree lighting ceremony — people in big cities have no way to show that.”