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Oil and Gas: New brine well completed in Union County

Posted on September 10, 2018

South Arkansas oil and gas field activity has been reported to the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission.

Drilling Permits

Quanico Oil & Gas of El Dorado is the operator and Sewell Drilling Co. is the contractor for the Dumas No. 2, 2,301 feet FNL and 981 feet FWL in Section 3-18-13W in the Urbana Field of Union County. Permit depth will be to 6,450 feet in the Smackover Limestone. Work will start September 10.

Berg, Laney & Brown Company has renewed its permit for the Smith “A” No. 18, 280 feet FNL and 290 feet FEL in Section 21-16S-16W in the Smackover Field of Union County. Total depth is to 2,800 feet in the Nacatoch Zone. BLB Service is the contractor. Work started August 24.


Great Lakes Chemical has completed Brine Supply Well No. 24S, 1,153 feet FLS and 231 feet FEL in Section 22-19S-15W in the Catesville Field of Union County. Total depth was to 8,500 feet in the Smackover. Work was finished August 5.

Fite Oil & Gas of Smackover has completed the Stinson No. 1, 1,044 feet FNL and 1,063 feet FEL in Section 18-15S-16W in a wildcat field in Union County. It was drilled to 2,200 feet and was a dry hole. Work was finished July 25.