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Smackover High School hosts College and Career Night

Posted on May 8, 2019

Smackover High School hosted its College and Career Night on Monday, which served as a chance for local organizations to award seniors with scholarships.

Principal Jan Henderson said this is the first time an event has been held at night, but it has been happening during Senior Day. However, she wanted to get it more upfront attention because of the importance of the topic.

“It seems like you’ve watched these toddlers grow up to the beautiful and handsome men and women they are,” she said. “We’re proud of them. We’re proud to start an event like this, the College and Career Night.”

W. Dale & Betty J Smeltzer Scholarship – Laynie Clark and Kayleigh Yeager

Aerojet Rocketdyne Scholarship – Kayleigh Yeager and Colby Pearson

Arkansas Baptist State Scholarship – Mason Wills

Beta Scholarship – Hannah Squyres

Delek – Megan Mullin

Destiny Moore Memorial Scholarship – Gracie Ragan and Synard Williams

Delta Kappa Gamma – Lilah Todd Delta Sigma Theta – Alondra Grant El Dorado Service League – Synard Williams

First Presbyterian Church – Ty McCurry

Martin Scholarships – Carrie Beevers and Synard Williams

Matt Evans MD Memorial Scholarship – Mary-Claire Wilcox

NAACP Scholarship – Alonda Grant

Norphlet Alumni Association – Mary-Claire Wilcox

Outstanding Women of Distinction – Alonda Grant and Brooklynn Dees

Self-Culture Club Recognition – Brooklynn Dees and Taylor Harris

Shelter Foundation Scholarship – Mary-Claire Wilcox

Smackover High School Education – Tanner Evans, Hannah Freeman, Taylor Harris, Ty McCurry, Jordan Price, Chloe Stafford and Kayleigh Yeager

Stacy Slater Memorial Scholarship – Mason Wills

Tasseltime Book Grant – Hannah Freeman

Union County Community Foundation – Jillian McKnight (Gary Suell Scholarship Fund), Synard Williams and Roshard Boone (Gloria Flanagan Calhoun Scholarship Fund), Kayleigh Yeager (Terry Fight Tennyson Memorial Scholarship Fund)

Union County Farm Bureau – Mary-Claire Wilcox

Woodmen Life Scholarship – Kalin Key

The event also recognized students receiving scholarships to specific colleges and students who will be attending specific colleges.

Arkansas Academic Challenge – Kaitlyn Arrington, Laig’le Bates, Roshard Boone, Brent Alexander Burris, Laynie Clark, Abigail Crawford, Haley Davis, Robert Dixon, Sabrina Estridge, Tanner Evans, Hannah Freeman, Max Gathright, Katelynn Gifford, Alondra Grant, Taylor Harris, Forrest Harrison, Catherine Hodges, Sierra Jones, Kalin Key, Abel Kinley, Blakely Lewis, David Martin, Ty McCurry, Jillian McKnight, William Mitchell, Megan Mullin, Colby Pearson, Jordan Price, Lillian Reyes, Johniece Schafer, Hannah Squyres, Chloe Stafford, Lilah Todd, Mary-Claire Wilcox, Synard Williams, Mason Wills, Isaac Woollen, Kayleigh Yeager

Governor’s Scholarship – Robert Dixon

Arkansas Tech University – Chloe Stafford (Incentives Scholarship) and Ty McCurry (University Scholarship)

Arkansas State University – Abigail Crawford and Kalin Key

Garden City Community College – Brennan Erving and Ja’von Modica

Henderson State University – Carrie Beevers, Johniece Schafer, Brady Lavoie, Timothy McGhee, Makayla Toney, Brent Alexander Burris (Reddie Achievement Scholarship), Alondra Grant (Reddie Achievement Scholarship), Hannah Rowten (Reddie Achievement Scholarship), Lilah Todd (Red and Gray Tier Two Scholarship), Jordan Price (University Centurium Scholarship) Forrest Harrison (Presidential Scholarship) , Blakley Lewis (Presidential Scholarship) and Tanner Evans (Presidential Scholarship and Music Band Scholarship and Mobile Scholarship)

Louisiana Tech University – Robert Dixon (Dean’s Scholarship and Bulldog Out of State Scholarship), Haley Davis (Outstanding Student Scholarship and Bulldog Out of State Scholarship), Jackson Evans (Outstanding Student Scholarship and Bulldog Out of State Scholarship), Taylor Harris (Outstanding Student Scholarship and Bulldog Out of State Scholarship), Colby Pearson (Outstanding Student Scholarship and Bulldog Out of State Scholarship), Mary-Claire Wilcox (Outstanding Student Scholarship and Bulldog Out of State Scholarship) and Hannah Squyres (Counselor’s Choice Scholarship)

SAU Tech – Kaitlyn Arrington, Brianna Ratcliff and Charles Chandler

South Arkansas Community College – Jasmin Fejeran, Austin Groves, Dakota Hutchinson, Calan Novack, Terra Peace, Cody Smith, Sabrina Estridge, Logan Eiland and Gracie Ragan (Student Ambassador Scholarship), Dayton McCall and Jonathan Mitchell (Skills You Assess Scholarship), Hannah McElroy and Clarissa Sperka (Jonathan M. Young Memorial Scholarship)

Southern Arkansas University – Synard Williams, Suraya Raley, Jillian McKnight, Diamond Johnson, Destiny Honeycutt, Abel McKinley (band scholarship), Laig’le Bates (band scholarship), Brooklynn Dees (cheerleading scholarship), William Mitchell (Achievement Scholarship), Sierra Jones (Achievement Scholarship), Megan Mullin (Blue and Gold Scholarship), David Martin (Blue and Gold Scholarship), Hannah Freeman (Blue and Gold Scholarship) and Isaac Woollen (Blue and Gold Scholarship)

University of Arkansas – Roshard Boone and Max Gathright

University of Central Arkansas – Laynie Clark, Lillian Reyes, Katelynn Gifford (Achievement Scholarship) and Kayleigh Yeager

Williams Baptist College – Mason Wills (Dean’s Scholarship and Eagles Fan Scholarship)

Five students will be joining the U.S. armed forces.

National Guard Commitment Scholarship – Forrest Harrison

Marine Scholarships – Breana Adair, Philip Huckabee and William Mitchell.

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