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El Dorado High School to Host Rachel’s Challenge Program

Posted on September 13, 2012

An hour out of the regular class schedule could spawn a lifetime?s worth of change for students and educators, as well as the communities they touch over the course of their lives. Such is the potential impact of the Rachel?s Challenge student assembly that will take place on September 18, 2012.

Rachel Scott was the first person killed at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. Following her death,
Rachel?s dedication to kindness and compassion toward others ? a legacy that spread rapidly through
anecdotes and her own private writings ? led her family to found Rachel?s Challenge.

Through school assemblies and a variety of follow-up programs that build Rachel?s personal philosophy into actionable curricula, the nonprofit organization strives to create safe and productive learning environments by reestablishing civility and delivering proactive antidotes to school violence and bullying. To date, Rachel?s
Challenge has visited thousands of schools and communities and touched more than 16 million
students, educators, parents and others.

"Rachel?s Challenge measures its impacts at the individual level ? in particular, the number of young
people who have been inspired to release their inner good and treat others with care and respect,? said
Rob Unger, the organization?s CEO. "Schools can be incubators for creating and disseminating great
ideas, however, we are confident our new partnership with El Dorado High School will have a positive
ripple effect beyond the campus and throughout this community as well.?

Full-time presenter, Jonathan Oliver will share Rachel?s Challenge with the students. All El Dorado High
School students will hear the program at 8:30 a.m. at the El Dorado High School Arena. The Friends of
Rachel (FOR) Training for students will be held at 10:30 a.m. at the TAC House. A second assembly will be
held at the EHS Arena at 1:15 p.m. for Union County students, Barton Jr. High 8th grade and Washington
Middle School 6th grade.

On the evening of September 18th, parents and community members are invited to see Rachel?s
Challenge at 6:00 p.m. at the EHS Auditorium. There they will also be challenged to start their own chain
reaction. Seating is limited. If you would like to reserve seats, call (870) 864-5121.

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